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Seamless Gutters & Siding in Patchogue, New York

Our roofing supply company specializes in seamless gutters and siding in Patchogue, New York.


At National Building & Roofing Supplies, we carry a full line of 3-Tab and architectural roofing shingles. We stock over 30 colors and 12 different styles of roofing shingles to make sure that you have your best chance of finding the roofing shingles to fit your budget and roofing needs.

We've recently added a free computerized program, which allows homeowners to customize the look of their siding, shutters, and roofing shingles. All of our roofing shingles come with product warranties from manufacturers.

Gutter, Gutters & Siding in Patchogue, NY

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• Laminated Asphalt Shingles
• 3-Tab Asphalt Shingles       
• Composite Shingles
• Lamarite® Slate         
• Ridge Vents    
• Roll Products 
• Residential Accessories 
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• Cambridge™ 30 AR (East)
• Cambridge 50 AR (East)
• Crowne Slate™
• Regency™
• Royal Victorian™
• Gentry 25™
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• Camelot™      
• Grand Slate™
• Grand Canyon™
• Country Estates™        
• Country Mansion™ 
• Grand Sequoia™
• Grand Timberline™
• Timberline Ultra™
• Timberline Select 40™
• Stateline™

• Marquis® WeatherMax®
• Royal Sovereign™
• Jumbo Royal Sovereign®
• Sentinel™

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Custom Metals & Accessories

National Building & Roofing Supplies has a full metal shop. Need that special piece of metal bent? We can do most jobs in 24 hours! Whether it is gravel-sop or fascia board, all we need is a diagram and you can choose between 032 or 040 from your choice of light brown, mill, black, or copper.


• Coping 
• Edging  
• Copper – Flat Sheets & Rolls
• Drains  
• Basement Posts
• Chairs & Ties
• Clips  
• Coils   
• Control Joint
• Decking 
• Flat Stock 
• Furring
• Hangers 
• Joists  
• Lath
• Mesh  

• Plastering Steel 
• Rebar
• Roof & Eave Vents
• Structural 
• Studs & Track
• Trim  
• Valley 
• Flashing

Flat Roofing

• Commercial & Residential
• Torch Down 
• SBS   
• One-Ply Systems
•  TPO   
• Standard Seam Metal Roofing

Gutters & Accessories

National Building & Roofing Supplies carries a large selection 5" and 6" K-style gutters and accessories in white, brown, and custom colors. Installation and drop-off services are available.
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LeafGuard Gutter System

LeafGuard™ is a patented rain gutter protection system. This has a debris-shedding design that is better than any other gutter on the market today. We now feature the LeafGuard gutter system.

Advantages of LeafGuard Brand Gutters

• Keeps Water Flowing Freely & Makes Gutter Cleaning a Thing of the Past
• Prevents Clogs from Debris Buildup & Spillovers around Clogs
• Keeps Water Flowing Freely
• Eliminates Leaks behind Gutters that Get into Fascia, Soffits, Siding, & Roofs
• Protects against Growth of Mold, Bacteria, Unsightly Weeds, & the Threat of Rodents

Vinyl Siding

National Building & Roofing Supplies offers siding and related products from Royal Building Products & Siding Insulation™.
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Houses, Gutters & Siding in Patchogue, NY


• Tyvek® • HomeWrap® • Amocor® P38 Underlayment • Tuff-R™


Use our free computerized system to customize the look of your home by
contacting us at our roofing supplies company in Patchogue, New York.